the Vampire Queen!

Friday, 06 June 2014 14:06

Press & Quotes

'Spanktastically superb!', Bizarre Magazine

'Manchester's very own undead performer extraordinaire.', The Times of London

'Lock up your daughters, and anyone else of a nervous disposition, come to that... Rosie Lugosi is a cross between Shirley Bassey and Motorhead.' Manchester Evening News

'A flamboyant hostess. Six feet of immaculate PVC... Rosie's superior attitude and school-marm promises to see us after the show repeatedly win her fans... she's never had anything but squeals of delight from her audience. Terrifyingly terrific!', The Pink Paper

'Six foot tall in six inch stilettoes, she lays into the audience with a finely judged battery of insults and double entendres – and they love it.', Diva Magazine

'A truly unique performer and one that straddles the literature, SM and queercore scenes with ease.', Designer Magazine

'Splendidly eclectic... Britain's only radical lesbian separatist feminist bitch goddess top femme vampire queen', Skin Two magazine

'Hugely entertaining, tough-talking ... a celebration of female sexuality, of power and liberation.', Carol Ann Duffy

'Fuck me it's a vampire! Wicked site. Those teeth look good. Teeth have always been my strong point.', John Lydon